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  • Industrial Uses Of Powder Metallurgy Steel

    Powder metallurgy steel is a perfect choice for many industries due to the fantastic wear-resistance properties it provides.



    Demolition & Recycling



    Powder Metallurgy Steel FAQs

    • Why Is Powder Steel Better Than Alternative Steel Alloy Options?

      PM high-speed steel is renowned for its higher strength and cleaner finishes compared to other steels. Additionally, it has high-impact toughness and improved grindability. Thanks to its unique manufacturing process, powder metallurgy steels are better suited to a range of applications and require less maintenance.

    • How Is Powder Metallurgy Steel Made?

      PM steel is created using a range of different processes, including hot isostatic pressing, chemical reduction, mechanical alloying, gas atomization, water atomization, and electrolysis, among others. The most common process used today is gas atomization, where a blend of natural gasses is used to create a perfectly uniform powder, which can be formed into a solid ingot and used to create a variety of tools and knives.

    • Is Powder Steel Good For Knives?

      Some of the leading knife blade manufacturers recommend powder metallurgy steel for blades, as this material has a strong hardness, creating a knife that is resistant to chipping or dulling. It's also possible to make a blade that is thinner but still strong, allowing for enhanced precision when cutting. Also, powder metallurgy technology can produce higher alloy grades of steel than traditional steelmaking methods, making for a blade that has greater resistance to corrosion.

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