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o1 tool steel chemical properties

O1 Tool Steel Description

The material tool steel grade O1 is the most popular tool steel grade worldwide. It is often referred to as 01 tool steel and 1.2510 steel. Tool steel O1, primarily material 1.2510 has an increased Cr content. O1 tool steel is an excellent grade of steel which is perfect for general use because it is more wear and temper resistant.


Overall the material 1.2510, developed from tungsten and chrome deficiency, is mostly unknown abroad.


O1 tool steel form of supply

Sheffield Gauge Plate is the company of choice when choosing your tool steel grade. We offer O1 and different materials in various forms such as sheet, plate, flat bar and flat ground stock. Diameters are less popular, but we can still supply required lengths in single or multiple cut orders.


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O1 tool steel is used for a range of different applications. The main applications include gauges, cutting tools, woodworking tools and knives. O1 is also commonly used for industrial machine knives, blades, cams and more.


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O1 Ground Flat Stock

As O1 tool steel suppliers, we’re capable of proving ground flat stock in 1.2510 tool steel grades. O1 tool steel materials are supplied in a range of metric and imperial measurements in a range of width and thicknesses. Furthermore, if you require an O1 ground flat stock supplier that offers non-standard sizes and lengths, you’re in the right place. Contact our team today to learn more about how we can help with your O1 ground flat stock search.

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