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    What is High-Speed Steel?

    High-speed steels (HSS) are a type of tool steel with increased wearability and hardness. It is a steel alloy composed of steel substrate and metal carbide that work together to improve the hardness and wearability of the material. 


    High-speed steels are most commonly used in cutting tools; their composition makes them ideal for working in high temperatures and high speeds. They cut much faster than high carbon steels, hence the name high-speed steel.


    Where other steel types will begin to wear or become brittle and break entirely, high-speed steels are ideal for the job. In addition, using high-speed steel in your industry will help reduce the likelihood of downtime needed to fix issues and replace or sharpen machinery parts. 


    Our high-speed steel supplies are held in the tungsten molybdenum type. 


    Cobalt molybdenum high-speed steel grades are also available.

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      • Where Do You Deliver To?

        At Sheffield Gauge Plate, we ship across the whole of the UK and worldwide. If your order is received before noon, we can guarantee same-day-dispatch on UK orders (unless notified otherwise).

      • What is High Speed Steel Used For?

        High-speed steel is a tool steel primarily used in cutting and manufacturing tools. It is commonly used in power-saw blades and drill bits as it can withstand high temperatures and cuts faster than high carbon steel; hence the name 'high-speed steel'.

      • Which High Speed Steel Grades Do You Stock?

        At Sheffield Gauge Plate, we stock both M42 and M2 grades of high-speed steel, both in a range of forms and sizes.

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