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D2 Tool Steel properties

D2 Tool Steel Properties

D2 tool steel is a high alloy, wear-resistant tool steel grade. It is a tough, ledeburite, secondary temperature cold work tool steel grade. Its properties make the steel more wear-resistant due to its increased vanadium (V) content, and it can be characterised by high tempering resistance at hardening temperatures. D2 tool steel is the most popular 12% chrome steel available worldwide.


When forging, D2 steel should be heated slowly to 700°C before increasing the speed until 900/1040°C is reached. It is important to remember that after forging, you should cool down slowly.


Re-annealing is only relevant if the steel has been forged or hardened. When proceeding, make sure to heat slowly until 900°C and soak for three to four hours, allowing it to cool at room temperature. After, you should re-heat to 800-1040°C before again soaking for the same recommended time. Finally, allow cooling in the furnace until room temperature.


D2 Tool Steel supply

We’re proud to supply tool steel in a range of different options, including sheet, plate, flat bar and ground flat stock. Our experienced sales team can help you with all types of enquiries for D2, and if we can’t supply, be assured that we will put you in contact with someone who can.


Furthermore, with expanding hire work facilities, we’re capable of providing D2 in a range of different lengths and cuts no matter the quantity.



D2 tool steel is a popular steel grade for all types of toolmakers, and it is used for a variety of applications. Some of these applications include a range of press tools, punches, forming tools, knives, industrial knives and shear blades. Other typical applications include general-purpose tools, tyre shredders and a range of different dies. 


Ground Flat Stock

Ground flat stock, otherwise known as gauge plate, can be supplied and produced in a range of different grades, including D2. We’ve produced ground flat stock on our premises for over 40 years, and supply to over 20 countries worldwide, so be assured that your working with an experienced team. Contact us today for more information on our range.


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