Sheffield Gauge Plate Supplies And Manufactures Scrap Processing Shear Blades. We Deliver To The UK And Worldwide.

scrap shear blades

We manufacture and supply scrap shear blades for the use in a range of different industries, including demolition, construction and recycling. Our processing blades supply is ideal for high capacity hydraulic machines above 2000 tonnes, popular hydraulic machines up to 800 tonnes, spare capacity hand-fed alligator machines, metal and paper baling machines, and portable site demolition cleaver type machines. Due to our fantastic tool steel selection and acquisition, precise machining and uncompromising heat treatment, our scrap processing shear blades are long-lasting and will help your business with reduced downtime.


Our scrap shear blades always provide a trouble-free experience. Furthermore, we are continually improving our knives and blades to increase the durability and toughness for specific tasks. Our extensive range of drawings allows us to provide scrap and metal shear blades for all machine types and industries.


Can you manufacture bespoke shear blades?

Yes, our experience with supplying industrial machine knives allows us to provide bespoke products helped by our extensive library of drawings. If you’re searching for something specific, you may be surprised that we already stock it, and if not, we’ll be able to match the steel grade and application you’re looking to acquire. Please, don’t hesitate to contact us for any advice or guidance you need with your scrap or metal shear blade search.


Looking for scrap shear blade sharpening or grinding? Our modern hire work facilities allow us to complete jobs no matter the quantity.


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