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    replacement shear blades for LaBounty Shears

    Are you looking for replacement blades for your LaBounty shears and machinery? Then you’ve come to the right place! Here at Sheffield Gauge Plate, we are proud manufacturers and suppliers of a wide range of high-quality steel products – including LaBounty Shear Blades.


    Using the highest quality steel types available, along with our many years of experience and expert industry knowledge, we create long-lasting steel products for many industries, including demolition, scrap, recycling and construction.


    Thanks to the tasks they are required to perform, the blades in your LaBounty Shears will, unfortunately, dull over time. While grinding and sharpening them is an option, it is only a temporary fix. Regular blade replacements are required to keep your operations running smoothly and your LaBounty machinery in tip-top condition.


    You can purchase your replacement LaBounty Shear blades by contacting us today! Simply call 0114 233 5291 or email our friendly customer service team at [email protected] with your requirements. 


    Shear Blades for LaBounty Machinery

    Regularly used to cut through incredibly tough materials, including metal, the blades in all LaBounty shears will experience a great deal of wear and tear over time. While they are made to be durable, the dulling of your shear blades is an inevitable process that cannot be avoided.


    Shear blades are usually created with high-quality steel in order to extend their lifetime and create a blade that will last for as long as possible. Steel grades for shear blades will be chosen for their hardness values, durability and edge retention abilities.


    At Sheffield Gauge Plate, we have an extensive range of tool steels and steel grades available, meaning we can manufacture shear blades to suit your requirements and any LaBounty machine. We also have a wide range of machine drawings, gathered from our many years in the industry. Our friendly team of experts are on hand to answer your questions and provide their advice to anyone looking for shear blades. 


    Why not use our live chat feature now, or contact us for more information? 


    We stock replacement blades for a wide range of LaBounty Shears, including the following:


    • MSD7R – Saber
    • MSD800R – Saber
    • MSD1000R – Saber
    • MSD1500R – Legend
    • MSD2000R – Legend
    • MSD2250R – Legend
    • MSD2500R – Legend
    • MSD3000R – Legend
    • MSD4000R – Legend
    • MSD4500R – Legend
    • MSD7500R – Saber
    • MSD9500R – Saber


    Can’t see your model type listed above? No problem! We offer bespoke solutions to fit shears of all shapes and sizes. To place your order today, please email us at [email protected] with your requirements. 


    LaBounty Shears

    LaBounty shears are a popular choice for many businesses and locations, including demolition sites, scrap metal processing sites, and recycling plants. And there’s no surprise when it comes to their popularity; LaBounty has been revolutionising the scrap, recycling and demolition industries since the 1970s.


    Specialising in reliable shear attachments, LaBounty has transformed entire industries and their day-to-day processes. Back in 1977, the influential brand invented the mobile shear after a customer asked Roy LaBounty for an attachment capable of cutting and ripping apart tyres. Roy came up with the idea of adding blades to the jaws of a stick, and through a long process of trial and error, he finally created what we know as the mobile shear!


    The company have continued to listen to their customers, developing attachments to suit all sorts of requirements. Creating a lasting legacy and ensuring the brand name is securely associated with quality, innovation, and durability.


    Why do LaBounty Shear Blades need replacing?

    Ultimately shear blades need replacing so they can continue to perform their intended tasks without issues. Failure to maintain your shears can lead to blunt edges and broken blades. Once this occurs, it’s vital to replace them. If you were to carry on using your LaBounty shears with the blades in such condition, you could end up causing considerable damage to the shear itself – and they don’t come cheap!


    All parts of the shear are directly linked to all other components in the machine, meaning when one element fails, it can negatively affect the whole machine. Proper shear maintenance, which includes rotating blades and replacing worn shear blades, can help to prolong the lifetime of your machinery, prevent costly repairs, and reduce downtime on your projects. 


    When should you replace your LaBounty Shear Blades?

    It’s difficult to place an exact time frame on when you should be replacing your LaBounty shear blades, as there are many factors to consider. These factors include the frequency of use, the types of materials they’re used to cut through, and the thickness of the materials being cut. 


    Some users find they can usually get roughly 60 to 80 hours of active use per blade edge from their LaBounty shears, but this is only a very vague guideline. Extreme applications, including wire and steel cable processing, could blunt your shear blades in just 20 hours due to the increased toughness of materials.


    The best way to know when your LaBounty shear blades need replacing is to inspect them regularly. Shear inspections should be carried out daily, with experts recommending regular inspections at four-hour intervals. 

    Such inspections will reveal any issues that may have arisen and will also help to indicate any maintenance work that is required. LaBounty have said that they recommend replacing shear blades every 80 hours, yet they have seen their products last much longer than this with proper and regular maintenance. The opposite is true; poorly maintained shear blades will not last as long. 


    If you’ve noticed signs of wear on your LaBounty Shear blades, then it’s time to replace them. Call now on 0114 233 5291 or email our team at [email protected] to place your order and keep your shears running smoothly.


    Sharpening LaBounty Shear Blades

    Like most industrial blades, LaBounty shear blades can be sharpened to extend their lifetime. However, it is only a temporary fix and can only be performed a few times before the blades will need replacing in full. 


    At Sheffield Gauge Plate, we offer professional machine blade sharpening and regrinding services for all LaBounty Shears to help you keep your machinery in working order, minimising downtime and preventing the need for costly repairs.


    Purchase Replacement LaBounty Shear Blades

    If you’ve noticed dulling of your shear blades, then it’s time to replace them. We stock a wide range of LaBounty Shear blades, which are available to order now with worldwide shipping available.


    Contact our team today to order your replacement LaBounty shear blades or to discuss your requirements with an expert by calling 0114 233 5291, using our live chat feature or emailing directly at [email protected].

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      • Can you sharpen LaBounty shear blades?

        Yes, absolutely, LaBounty shear blades can, and should, be rotated and sharpened regularly. However, please be aware that this is only a temporary fix and will only be effective a few times. Eventually, the blades will need replacing completely.

      • Which brands do you supply shear blades for?

        We've amassed a vast library of machine drawings for all brands and types of machines, so whatever brand of shear blades you require - we've got you covered.

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