M2 High-Speed Steel Stockholders And Suppliers, Delivering To The Whole Of The UK. Sheffield Gauge Plate Are Suppliers Of M2 High-Speed Steel.

Tool steel

What is M2 1.3343 High-Speed Steel?

M2 high-speed steel is the most commonly used, conventionally manufactured, medium-alloy High-Speed Steel and is universally applicable for tools of all kinds. The characteristics of M2 1.3343 high-speed steel is a ≤260HB delivery condition hardness and an achievable hardness after treatment of ≤65Hrc.


Similar to our tool steels, we only offer the most common and sensible high-speed steels. Please discuss with your toolmaker for comparisons of the different tool steels based on the alloy components to decide which steel should be used. High-speed steels offer different alloy components and different manufacturing methods, therefore, prices can vary significantly. We only offer our high-speed steels such as M2 1.3343 and M42 1.3247 in the dimensions that we can manufacture on a high-forming machine (GFM forging mill).


What is M2 1.3343 High-Speed Steel Chemical Composition?

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