M42 High-Speed Steel Stockholders And Suppliers, Delivering To The Whole Of The UK. Sheffield Gauge Plate is Suppliers of M42 otherwise known as 1.3247.

M 42 1.3247 High Speed Steel

What is M42 High-Speed Steel?

M42 high-speed steel (HSS), otherwise known as 1.3247, is high-cobalt steel with fantastic wear-resistant properties. M42 is regarded as the best conventionally produced high-speed steel as it is suited for single and multi-edged tools and wear plates. M42 steel’s characteristics include a ≤280HB delivery condition hardness and an achievable hardness after treatment of ≤68Hrc.


High-speed steel is an excellent alternative to our range of tool steels. However, we only offer the most common and sensible HSS steels. If you’d like to learn more about the properties or if it is suitable for your toolmaking needs, contact us today. Our experienced team can offer comparisons of the different tool steels available based on their alloy components to decide which steel should be best utilised for your project. M42 high-speed steel offers alloy components and other manufacturing methods. Therefore, prices can differ significantly. We only provide our high-speed steels such as M2 1.3343 and M42 1.3247 in the dimensions that we can manufacture on a high-forming machine (GFM forging mill).


Heat treatment for M42 steel

Our guidance for heat treatments of M42 steel is only advisable, and other factors will play dividend, such as the shape and size of the supply.


M42 Annealing

When annealing M42, we recommended that it is done after hot working and prior to rehardening. Start by heating M42 at a maximum rate of 220°C per hour until a temperature of 850°C. Cooling slowly in a furnace is essential to a temperature of 700°C.


M42 Stress Relieving

To stress relieve your M42 steel, you should heat to 600°C – 700°, after, cool slowly for two hours to a required temperature of 500°C.


M42 Hardening

When hardening M42 high-speed steel, you should pre-heat to 450°C – 500°C. After, increase the temperature to 1050°C – 1190°C. M42 can change depending on the type of work treated, although, this is an ideal temperature to base from. Once the temperature has been reached, a short hold is required before quenching to around 550°C.


M42 Forging

Forging takes place by slowly heating to 650 – 760°C. Afterwards, it would help if you increased your M42 steel to a temperature of 1010 – 1150°C and equalise. It’s important to note that if the temperature drops below 980°C, the steel will need to be reheated before forging. As always with high-speed steel, cool slowly.


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