Granulator blade resharpening and grinding services

granulator blade resharpening service

Sheffield Gauge Plate’s experience providing replacement granulator blades is extensive. We’ve worked with companies in the recycling and plastics processing industries for many years and understand the need for granulator blades to be sharp. Granulating for plastic and recycling take its toll on the edges and keeping them sharp increases productivity and machine uptime.


You’re probably already aware of the costs involved with dull blades due to fines and dust content. Therefore, you should take advantage of our sharpening service to allow for quality maintenance.


We’ve invested heavily in our hire work facilities, especially our overall machine blade sharpening equipment, making us the go to company in the UK for all machine grinding and replacements. To discuss our delivery and pickup options and prices, please call our sales team on 0114 233 5291 or email at


How do you sharpen granulator blades?

As mentioned previously, granulator blades endure some of the most challenging conditions. Unfortunately, granulator blade sharpening is unavoidable and will mean the machine is down for a short period (depending on your chosen companies turnaround). However, it is an essential service that needs to be performed, increasing both the granulator machine’s life and output.


To sharpen your granulator blades we need to clean the knife to remove any unwanted residue. Afterwards measuring the edges will allow us to see the smallest amount of material that can be removed. Next, the blade is held in place and ground removing the smallest amount possible to avoid excess material loss.


Our experience has found that you can reuse granulator blades approximately ten times throughout their life. Making granulator blade sharpening services a crucial aspect of any operations strategy.


Feel free to contact our team using the form on this page; We can discuss your granulator sharpening project and see how our grinding service can help.


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