Sheffield Gauge Plate supplies and manufactures Guillotine shear blades. We deliver to the UK and Worldwide.

Guillotine Shear Blades

Our supply of guillotine shear blades is extensive, and you’ll find that we stock all standard guillotine blade models manufactured only from the highest quality tool steels. Our tremendous selection of steel-grades offers exacting quality, ultimate performance and optimum edge retention. Typically, we make our guillotine shear blades from alloy based tool steels; however, if your project requires something different, we can advise on different steel grades. Our in-house heat treatments ensure precise hardness structure.


Guillotine knives are commonly used in the recycling, plastic and metal industries. Our years of experience help us to understand your industry and the different features required for your blade. For example, the precise cut needed for printing or the rectangular blade shape required for metal guillotine blades. Furthermore, our modern hire work facilities allow us to complete guillotine blade sharpening services.


Can you manufacture bespoke guillotine blades?

Of course, we can produce precision guillotine shear blades based on specific machining and based on bespoke drawings. As an international industrial blade manufacturer, we have developed a vast drawing library, and you’ll be surprised to find that we probably already stock the guillotine blade you require. We’ve already helped a wide range of industries and have fantastic partnerships with demolition, construction, engineering and fabrication companies. Please call us on 0114 233 5291 or email at to discuss your bespoke requirements.


What is the right guillotine shear blade for my machine?

If you’re looking for a guillotine shear blade supplier for a specific machine make and model, we will be able to help. As mentioned above, we probably stock your blade, and if not, our range of drawings will cover it. So, please don’t hesitate to get in contact using the form or enquire now button. One of our knowledgable team members will help you find the correct guillotine blade for your machine.


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