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    H11 tool steel properties

    H11 Steel Overview

    H11 tool steel (1.2343) is an electro-slag refined hot-work steel and has high wear resistance and resistance to hot cracking. Part of the group H steels of the AISI classification system, H11, otherwise known as H11 ESR, has a relatively low carbon chemical composition and is a popular grade for its excellent temper resistance and toughness. Forged at 1121°C (2050°F), the product can withstand a range of heat treatments, including oil quenching and double tempering.
    Thanks to its balanced alloy content, H11 tool steel doesn’t distort during the deep-hardening and air-hardening processes, making it ideal for applications that require shaping, such as hot gripper dies and aircraft landing gear.
    H11 is the most commonly used tool steel in the H series, which includes other grades that range from H1 to H19. All these grades were developed for their strength and hardness during elevated temperatures.
    In fact, due to its versatility, H11 tool steel is among the most widely used chromium hot-work steels worldwide and is popular in the aerospace and manufacturing markets for a range of hot tooling applications. If you’d like to learn more about our H11 tool steel stock, contact us today to learn more.

    H11 Tool Steel Options

    H11 tool steel is supplied in a range of standard forms, such as round bar, sheet, flat bar and plate. These can be purchased and forged into the tools you need using conventional methods.
    If you require non-standard sizes, lengths and thicknesses, our state-of-the-art facilities and in-house heat treatment solutions mean that we can produce a range of non-standard sized H11 steel products to suit any need.

    H11 Steel Applications

    Thanks to its strength and versatility, H11 tool steel is used for a variety of industrial applications. It is standard in the aerospace industry, particularly for landing gears, rotor blades and shafts. Its physical properties, such as outstanding impact toughness and wear resistance, make H11 tool steel the perfect option for aerospace manufacturers.
    Because of H11’s mechanical properties, it has good thermal conductivity and isn’t vulnerable to gross cracking, making it perfect for a range of additional industries alongside aerospace. Other applications include hot tooling projects, such as casting dies, extrusion tooling products, hot punches and shear blades. All tools produced using our H11 tool steel are top quality and made to last, which is why it’s so popular with a range of customers. Feel free to contact our tool steel sales team to discuss your requirements.

    H11 Ground Flat Stock

    As a market-leading steel and blade provider, Sheffield Gauge Plate has supplied flat ground stock and gauge plate products to over 20 countries worldwide. Our high-quality British and European steel ensures that any chromium-based steel alloy you buy from us will last for many years to come and provide exceptional strength and thermal shock resistance.
    Alongside high-quality hot work tool steel, we’re also committed to providing exceptional customer service. Our team are dedicated to finding or developing the perfect solution to meet your needs. If you require imperial and metric sizes, we have you covered. View our ground flat stock cost sheet for more information, or email us at [email protected] to find out more.

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      • What is H11 tool steel?

        H11 tool steel is an alloy hot-work tool steel commonly used in processes that require a tough material that is resistant to thermal fatigue cracking. These applications include manufacturing hot shear blades, forging dies and creating other highly stressed structural parts of machines, vehicles and equipment.

      • What Is The Difference Between H11 And H13 Steel?

        H11 tool steel typically has less vanadium in it than H13 steel, which is often seen as a close alternative compared to other hot work steels. Thanks to its composition, H11 steel is stronger than H13 but does not have the same extreme heat resistance.

      • What Is The Hardness Of H11 Steel?

        As an air-hardening steel, H11 has a Rockwell C hardness of 54 to 38, and double tempering and other heat treatment solutions can help to harden it further. The steel is slowly cooled and deep hardened, to make it the perfect combination of strength and temper resistance for a range of applications.

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