Sheffield Gauge Plate is the UK's number one supplier of P20 tool steel and other versions such as P20S or P20+S steel.

P20 tool steel properties

P20 Tool Steel Description

P20 tool steel (1.2311) is a fantastic grade offering excellent machinability. P20 is a universally applicable vacuum chrome-molybdenum steel, requiring no further heat treatment. Sheffield Gauge Plate is capable of supplying different forms of P20, and even though it is provided with no additional heat treatment needed, P20 is still ready for machining due to its increased ‘S’ content. It’s a tough, pre-tempered steel with high core strength.


Alternatively, Sheffield Gauge Plate can supply P20S tool steel (1.2312) which contains a higher sulphur content, allowing for more outstanding machinability than its P20 counterpart. However, if you plan to have a polished or refined finish, P20S would not be suitable.


P20N tool steel (1.2738) is prehardened on delivery and contains extra nickel for greater hardness in large sections, an easy to polish surface and superb machinability.


If you plan to anneal you should heat uniformly to 770-790°C, before soaking and cooling in the furnace.


Delivery condition: tempered approx. 1050N / mm²


P20 form of supply

When looking for different forms of supply, Sheffield Gauge Plate can supply P20 tool steel in a range of conditions, such as round bar, sheet, flat bar and plate. Our hire work capabilities allow for one-offs or multiple cut pieces, and although diameters are less popular, we can still supply.


If you’re looking to learn more about P20 or if it’s the right grade for your tool making, contact us today for a friendly chat.



P20 can be used for a range of different applications, including moulds, bolsters, zinc casting dies and die holders. On the other hand, P20S is suitable for large mould frames and bolsters. The versatility of P20 makes it ideal for a range of applications such as shafts and wear strips. If you’d like to learn more about if P20 is the grade for your tool making, feel free to get in contact.


P20 ground flat stock

We’re the leading P20 ground flat stock and gauge plate supplier in the UK, only offering European or British steel, our customers are thrilled of the high standards we supply. Furthermore, we stock all standard metric and imperial sizes as well as offering non-standard sizes and lengths. Call us on 0114 233 5291 to learn more about our flat ground stock or for help with your search.

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