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    guillotine blades for SIMAT machinery

    At Sheffield Gauge Plate, we create a wide range of high-quality steel products, including SIMAT Guillotine Blades. With over 40 years of experience in manufacturing and supplying tool steels, gauge plate steel and machine blades, you can be confident in our products.


    Working in the metalworking industry ourselves, we know how vital guillotine machines are to your everyday projects. But, with constant use, it’s inevitable that your guillotine blades will become dull and, over time, become unfit for use. Regular maintenance is essential to avoid this and keep your expensive machinery running for years to come. 


    To keep your guillotine machines running, you can sharpen your guillotine blades, but it’s important to remember that it is not a permanent solution. Replacing your guillotine blades is a task that should be done regularly. If you’re looking to replace the guillotine blades on your SIMAT machines, then you’re in the right place! 


    Discover more about our SIMAT guillotine blades below, or contact us to order today. 


    Guillotine Blades for SIMAT Machines

    Guillotine blades go through a lot of hard work, resulting in wear and tear and dulling. In order to keep them sharp for the longest time possible, it’s important to create guillotine blades from high-quality tool steel. Thanks to our wide range of tool steels, we have all the best materials available to produce long-lasting guillotine blades.


    Because of their ability to retain an edge and their high hardness values, tool steels like 420A2, and D2 are often used for the manufacturing of guillotine blades. However, if you’re looking for alternative properties in your guillotine blades, we have a wide range of tool steels to choose from. 


    Not sure about the most appropriate type of tool steel? Looking for a bespoke solution for your SIMAT guillotine blades? Our friendly team of experts are always available for guidance, simply call today on 0114 233 5291 or use our handy live chat feature now!


    We stock one size of SIMAT guillotine blades with the following dimensions:

    • 1550 x 58 x 20mm


    As this is the standard blade size for a wide range of SIMAT guillotine machines. Available as a set of four, these guillotine blades should be suitable for most SIMAT branded guillotines, but it’s always worth checking the specifications of your machine first. If you’re still unsure of the dimensions of your guillotine blades, please contact the manufacturer directly for more information.


    If you’re looking for a bespoke size, please email our sales team at [email protected]. We’ve worked on hundreds of unique solutions for our clients, and in doing so, we’ve amassed a vast library of machine drawings for various brands.


    SIMAT Hydraulic Guillotine Blades

    SIMAT machines are widely known across the metal and sheet working industries. SIMAT have been around for many years, providing innovative technologies and machinery to businesses across the globe.


    As anyone in the industry knows, guillotine machines don’t come cheap. Many businesses opt for second-hand over new to reduce their costs, which means that your machinery requires more maintenance than usual to keep them in tip-top condition. By regularly replacing your SIMAT guillotine blades, you can increase its life expectancy and ensure high levels of accuracy are maintained. 


    How often do SIMAT guillotine blades need replacing?

    It’s almost impossible to place an accurate time frame on how long your guillotine blades will remain sharp, as the answer depends on a number of factors. For example, the thickness of materials being cut through, the types of material being cut through, the number of cuts made, etc., will all affect how long your blades remain sharp. 


    Instead of placing a time frame on it, we like to recommend that you look out for the following signs of wear and tear that will signify when it’s time to replace them. 

    1. An increase in the time taken to make cuts successfully
    2. Failure to fully cut through the intended material
    3. A significant reduction in the quality of the cuts made


    If you’ve noticed any of the signs listed above whilst using your SIMAT guillotine machine, then it’s time to replace the blades. Place your order for SIMAT guillotine blades today by calling 0114 233 5291 or emailing the team at [email protected]


    Want to learn more? Why not visit our in-depth article for more information – Replacing your Guillotine Blades.


    Can SIMAT guillotine blades be sharpened?

    All guillotine blades can be sharpened, including those for SIMAT branded machinery. To help you do so safely and effectively, we offer a professional Guillotine Blade Sharpening Service. Sharpening your blades is a quick fix to keep your operations running and reduce downtime in the meanwhile.


    However, it’s important to remember that sharpening your guillotine blades is not a permanent fix. Most guillotine blades can only be sharpened around 5-8 times; any more than that, and they will no longer be effective and need replacing entirely.


    Purchase Replacement SIMAT Guillotine Blades

    If you’ve noticed a difference in your SIMAT guillotine machine’s performance, then it’s time to replace them today. You can purchase your replacement SIMAT guillotine blades directly from us today! 


    Please feel free to discuss your requirements with a member of our team by calling 0114 233 5291, using our live chat feature or emailing directly at [email protected], and buy your replacement SIMAT guillotine blades today from Sheffield Gauge Plate.



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      Frequently Asked Questions

      • Which brands do you provide guillotine blades for?

        Our range of replacement Guillotine Blades covers all the most well-known brands in metalworking machinery, including HACO, Pearson Edwards, AFM, Simeron and many more.

      • What are SIMAT guillotine blades made of?

        All of our guillotine blades, including those for SIMAT machines, are produced using the highest quality tool steels available for long-lasting results.

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